12 Benefits

The Everything Spray

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12 Benefits The Everything Spray is a must have for your daily hair routine. This unique four-products-in-one dry spray allows you to create volume, boost your style support, clean as a dry shampoo and infuse sexy texture in one amazing formula.

Unique honeycomb shaped polymers provide glamorous movement and lift while the featherweight consistency absorbs oil at the roots without residue, leaving you with no-fuss picture-perfect hair.

Specially selected and formulated with minimal, highly effective ingredients for multiple hair styling benefits whatever your daily need.

12 Reasons to use 12 Benefits The Everything Spray:
Style Booster
Dry Wash
Finishing Spray
Dry Touch Feel
Absorbs Scalp Oil
Extends Color
Refresh Blowouts
Fresh Scent
Body and Bounce
Four Products in One

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