CJ4 Plus Shear

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The hairdressing scissors JAGUAR CJ4 PLUS are perfect for slice cutting. Want to do a blunt cut, slice cut, point cut, thinning, contour, or trim a beard? These scissors can do it all! The hairdressing scissors are suitable for all cutting applications. Lasting sharpness is a key feature of these hairdressing scissors from the SILVER LINE.

The slightly convex blade with partially integrated cutting edge has an acute cutting angle that lends outstanding sharpness. Thanks to hollow grinding and honing, the CJ4 PLUS features ideal slice cutting properties.

To make the CJ4 PLUS hairdressing scissors, we use forged special steel, which is the fundamental prerequisite for very long-lasting sharpness. The special ice hardening method used to craft a Friodur® blade makes the blade harder and the steel extremely durable as a result. This means the sharpness can last for an extremely long time. The hand-polished, gleaming product surface gives these hairdressing scissors a sophisticated, high-quality design.

The offset design hairdressing scissors, featuring an angled thumb ring, ensure ergonomic hand posture, thereby relieving strain on the muscles of the arm, nape of the neck, and shoulder. Cutting becomes pleasant and effortless. The classic handle shape provides a traditional feel while cutting, with the two handle rings positioned symmetrically one over the other. The removable finger rest offers a comfortable place to rest your little finger, allowing for stability when guiding the hairdressing scissors. The flat, self-contained SMART SPIN screw system gives these scissors an especially smooth movement. Combined with the sharp blades, this brings added relief for the muscles of the working hand.

  • Suitable for all cutting applications / popular all-around model
  • Slice cutting edge
  • Polished finish / hand-polished
  • Made in Germany, directly from the manufacturer
Handle position: Offset
Steel: Molybdenum Steel
Weight: 37g
Special Features: Angled thumb ring, finger support surface, removable finger rest
Cutting Edge/Blade: Slice, semi integrated cutting edges, semi convex blade
Left-/Right-Handed: Right
Color: Silver
Product Surface: Polished finish
Screw Connection: Smar Spin

Fulfilled and Shipped by Robanda International, LLC