Ergo Professional Microchipped Magnetic Motor Modular Cordless Hair Clipper

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The Quietest, Fastest & Most Ergonomic Clipper

The holy grail of clipper motors, the magnetic motor, is finally available in a cordless clipper. Always considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the ERGO features the latest in magnetic motor technology with the improved and revolutionary linear magnetic motor. This turbocharged long-life magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per a minute with over 40 lbs of torque, not only offering the ultimate in speed and power but also with the quietest performance of any professional clipper.

The black diamond blade is rust-proof and stays cooler and sharper longer and can be fully zero gapped for the closest cut and finish.

In signature Gamma fashion the ERGO is the first ever modular clipper and includes 3 additional housings with interchangeable thumb rests.

With a click lever taper, lithium ion battery featuring 100 minutes of run-time, and 5 magnetic guards - a new standard has been set.

Features & Benefits:
High Speed Magnetic Motor
Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade
Adjustable Zero Gap Blade
3 Interchangeable Custom Body Kits
100 Minutes Cordless Run Time Lithium-Ion Battery
Low Noise and Low Vibration

Fulfilled and Shipped by Gamma+