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LISAPLEX Xtreme Direct Color

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Lisap Milano LISAPLEX Xtreme Direct Color is a direct professional vivid color with acid pH for a brilliant, intense and long-lasting color result. The coloring is ammonia-free and enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex, the innovative Lisap technology, based on vegetable proteins. All shades can be mixed to create a customized color, or can be used alone to obtain the intense tone, or can be mixed with Pure Diamond, a neutral base that allows to obtain a more delicate and pastel colors. It acts inside and outside the hair structure, guaranteeing cosmetic effect and strengthening the structure. Its creamy formulation gives shine and softness to the hair, while conditioning it. LISAPLEX Xtreme Direct Color allows you to obtain crazy intense colors or pastel effects in just a few minutes. The product does not need to be mixed with Developer (Oxidant).


Processing Time: Maximum of 20 minutes depending on the desired result.

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