Replacement Fixed Gold Titanium Fade Hair Clipper Blade with Moving Gold Titanium Slim Tooth Cutter

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Still sharp? It might be time to replace your blade. The Gold Titanium fixed clipper fade blade has a flat cutting surface and is ideal for fading and blending the zero guide-line. The moving Gold Titanium slim deep tooth cutter blade is ideal for all general cutting and allows for faster movement. Both of the Gold Titanium blades are hypoallergenic making them a wonderful option for sensitive skin. This package includes both a Gold Titanium fixed fade clipper blade and a moving slim deep tooth cutter as a set. This fixed and moving blade is compatible with all GAMMA+ and StyleCraft clipper models.

EASY INSTALLATION – To replace the blades simply unscrew the two screws on the back of the clipper, gently remove the old blade, replace it with the new one, and reinstall the screws into the machine. Make sure blades are aligned properly before turning on the machine. Improper alignment may cause injury. As consistent with any Gamma+ or StyleCraft tools, all blades are fully adjustable to zero gap for the closest cut and finish.

HOW TO CLEAN and CARE FOR YOUR BLADE - gently brush the blade with the maintenance kit brush to clear debris, spray blades with disinfectant (optional), and apply 2-3 drops of oil directly on the blade, and wipe the clipper body clean with a dry cloth. Using the blade cover can help to avoid scratches and blade damage along with storage to help prolong the life of the blade. We recommend, depending on your daily use, to change your blades every 1 to 4 months for superior sharpness.

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