Replacement Lids Compatible with Gamma+ Ergo and Rogue Hair Clipper Models

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Custom body kits are a great way to specialize your Gamma+ Absolute Alpha, Protege, Rebel or Boosted clipper models with your own style. The interchangeable clipper replacement lids are easy to install by simply removing your current lid cover and snapping on the new one! Three (3) colors are included in this package, Metallic Red, Matte White, and Clear for the body lid for the trendiest look. This lid cover fits all Gamma+ and StyleCraft Absolute Alpha, Protege, Rebel, or Boosted clipper models. Customize the look even more by painting or using a permanent marker for a personal touch. Durable plastic material and hot colors make your tool stand out from the others. Engineered and designed in Italy.

Instructions on How to Replace the Colored Cover:
  • Unhook the upper cover of the device by unscrewing the four screws behind the unit.
  • Make sure that all the screws are removed.
  • Gently remove the top cover without using tools.
  • To remove and interchange thumb rest remove screws in back of the thumb rest.
  • Assemble new thumb rest and tighten back screws.
  • Assemble the new cover.
  • Tighten the screws on the back of the housing.
  • Before using the appliance, check that it is working properly.



Please refer to our Instruction Booklet included in the box. Or you are welcome contact us at

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