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Signature Series Swivel Shear

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Your body is the most important and most fragile tool that you own. Protect it and your ability to do what you love with a shear that works with your body, not against it. Instead of forcing your arm into awkward and uncomfortable positions to get the right angles, this professional swivel shear keeps your wrist straight and your elbow down throughout every haircut. The shorter length is ideal for precision cutting techniques. Experience a better way to work with our Professional Swivel Thumb Shear.

  • Perfectly Balanced: The blade is designed with a balanced weight to facilitate deep point cutting, condensed cutting, and all layering techniques.
  • Rotating Thumb: Thanks to the forward thumb design and rotating thumb, your hand is always in a natural and neutral position, reducing strain injuries.
  • Steel & Carbon Balance: Signature Series Swivel Shears are made from 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy.
  • Japanese Convex Blades: Provide the smoothest, longest lasting cut available. Convex blades focused on quality and precision.
  • Dual Finger Tangs: The two (dual) finger rest design helps to stabilize your guide blade, allowing for accurate and pain-free cuts.
  • These swivel shears are perfect for you if you suffer from carpal tunnel or similar repetitive strain conditions.
  • Type of Handle: Ergonomoic Crane Handle- Swivel Thumb
  • Right Handed: Yes
  • Left Handed: Yes
  • Does it have teeth?: No
  • If so, how many?: N/A

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