Silver Ice Thinner Shear

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The texturing scissors JAGUAR SILVER ICE is a true classic: timeless and practical – hairdressing scissors that have been tried and tested in everyday styling for a traditional cutting feel. With these modelling scissors, hair can be finely thinned effortlessly. Part of the WHITE LINE, these hairdressing scissors feature superior quality.

The classic blades of our WHITE LINE hairdressing scissors with a flat cutting angle offer excellent, long-lasting sharpness. The 46 thinning teeth with finest V-teeth serration provide a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut.

The forged special steel and additional ice hardening allow for grinding that yields long-lasting sharpness and solid hardness of the blades. The polished finish of these scissors ensures an appealing look while also providing a durable surface. Top-notch quality made in Germany.

The classic handle shape provides a traditional feel while cutting, with the two handle rings positioned symmetrically one over the other. The removable finger rest offers a comfortable place to rest your little finger while cutting, allowing for stability when guiding the hairdressing scissors. Make sure you have the perfect settings. Too loose? Too tight? The VARIO screw lets you adjust the tension very easily using a coin.

All JAGUAR WHITE LINE hair scissors are supplied with matching, high-quality finger rings. In order to avoid pressure points, we only use quality insert rings made in Germany for our JAGUAR hairdressing scissors.

  • Classic texturing scissors in timeless design
  • 46 thinning teeth with V-teeth serration
  • Fine degree of thinning
  • Quality Made in Germany
Handle position: Classic
Steel: Stainless Chromium Steel
Weight: 50g
Special Features: Finger support surface, removable finger rest
Cutting Edge/Blade: Thinning
Left-/Right-Handed: Right
Color: Silver
Screw Connection: Vario
Thinning Rate: Fine degree of thinning
Serration: Teeth with prism

Fulfilled and Shipped by Robanda International, LLC